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Collaborate in HD-quality video wherever you need it. Whenever you want it.

Whether you are connecting with colleagues at a different office or with many people across multiple organizations, Polycom Universal Video Collaboration solutions make it easy to meet face to face with others over video.

Polycom's Universal Video Collaboration software architecture is based on emerging and open standards and integrates with hundreds of business, unified communications, and social networking applications. The result is a superb experience on whichever video (or voice) device you use.

Mix together multiparty voice, video and content-sharing sessions. Simplify collaboration by taking a platform approach to your video network. Reduce network costs by cutting bandwidth consumption in half. Seamlessly support the UC environments of multiple vendors and protocols with the industry’s first and only solution to deliver native support for AVC and SVC protocols, eliminating the need for expensive gateways and delivering a reliable, high-quality user experience, whether mobile, remote, or on-premises.

  • Lowest TCO – 3x capacity increase through SVC support, reduce operating expenses with up to 50% less bandwidth utilization and enable more people on more calls through dynamic resource allocation
  • Interoperability without Compromise – Leverage existing and future UC investments and eliminate the need for expensive gateways
  • Highest Resiliency – Leverage the power of Polycom Virtualization Management solutions for reliable, extreme scalability with 100% auto-failover
  • Enterprise Quality Collaboration – Unmatched support for Lost Packet Recovery, HD Voice and StereoSurround and standards that eliminate video delay (SVC)
  • Universal Collaboration – Seamless collaboration with broad support for existing and emerging standards, applications, protocols and devices for seamless worldwide collaboration 
  • You need to collaborate with your team now, face to face, no matter where they are or what device they have. Polycom Universal Video Collaboration solutions offer access to video and content collaboration as easy as dialing a phone number. 
  • Regardless of location – whether in a bustling city or a remote, rural area - rely on Polycom to meet with colleagues, partners or customers and enjoy high-quality video even when a network connection is weak.
  • When emergencies happen and networks are compromised, that’s when organizations we most need to connect. Rely on Polycom for access to communication and collaboration that is always on and always available–even in times of crisis. We deliver solutions that provide carrier-grade reliability, and clear, crisp images, even when networks are congested.  
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