Pano App

The easiest way to share content at work.
The easiest way to share content at work.

Use Pano App to wirelessly connect and share content from your Mac or PC to Pano or Polycom video conferencing systems. From the moment you start the Pano App, you will be guided through a simple connection wizard that shows nearby and/or recently connected Pano devices or video conferencing systems. When connecting directly to a room-based system such as RealPresence Group Series, users need only enter the system IP address. 

Once connected, you can screen share and present documents, images, videos, and participate in interactive whiteboarding with colleagues in the conference room or connected to your video conferencing call.

Connect, Share and Collaborate with Pano        

  • Not on the latest OS with embedded Miracast or AirPlay? No problem. The Pano App enables Windows 7  and Apple OS X users wirelessly
  • Share your app and only your app with the group, leaving valuable screen real estate for private messages or note taking
  • Capture and save any type of content cast to Pano on your local PC for later use

Connect with Conference Room Systems

  • Easily connect with a single click to previously saved rooms
  • Quickly add new rooms to your list by entering the IP address
  • Intuitively share documents, pictures directly from your computer to room systems
  • Collaborate on a single stream of content sent directly to room system displays
  • Install wizard walks individual users through setup in minutes without technical support
  • Enterprise deployment package (Windows and Mac) means IT managers can install across the organization quickly, freeing up their bandwidth for more important tasks
  • Delivers greater value to your business by extending wireless content sharing directly to RealPresence Immersive Studio, RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex, RealPresence Group Series, RealPresence Centro, RealPresence Trio 8800 Collaboration Kit

Use Pano App to wirelessly connect and share content from your PC to Pano or Polycom video conferencing systems. 

Installation and compatibility

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Apple OS X 10.0 and above
  • .msi and .dmg install packages for high-scale deployments
  • .exe and .pkg individual installs

Polycom Room System Support

  • RealPresence Immersive Studio
  • RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex
  • RealPresence Group Series
  • RealPresence Centro
  • RealPresence Trio Visual+
  • RealPresence Debut



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